The Second Grand Annual Training Needs Survey

Object Handling, Packing and Marking Training 2015

Last year, I asked the staff, volunteers and trustees of Essex about their training needs. This was so I could see how aware of current SHARE training opportunities people were, what barriers had prevented them receiving training and what training was needed.

Having collected my results, I went to work. Information was fed up to SHARE Museums East and helped them decide which training to place in our county during the 2014/15 training year. “Social Media Next Steps” wasn’t something being considered by SHARE until you told me you wanted it. I offered to run it (with the wonderful Hannah Salisbury from Essex Record Office) and the day was fully booked. SHARE weren’t able to offer Storytelling Skills training, which was the most requested training by Essex museums last year, so I booked TheWholeStory who came and delivered it in March. I’ve also hosted “Introduction to Documentation”, “Object Handling, Packing and Marking” and “Introduction to Accreditation”.

So you see, that survey has had a huge impact on what training and opportunities are available.

This year, I’m repeating the survey and I’ve expanded the remit to ask what training you have accessed outside of the offer from SHARE. Once again, the survey is anonymous but I do ask where in the county you’re based to help me place training where it is needed most.

To have your say on what training your museum staff, volunteers and trustees need, and to tell me if you find it awkward to access training, just fill in this short survey.

Our budgets for training go further when museums can give us their venues for free (and offering to host is a great way to make sure training happens locally to you!). If your museum would be able to host training in the future, please let me know by emailing me with information about capacity, ease of access and what facilities are available e.g. free/close car-parks, projectors etc. This helps us know which training will work well there, for example putting digital training in a venue with Wi-Fi.

Additionally, if there is a training course your museum would particularly like to send a delegate to but can’t, please get in touch. I may be able to help your museum secure funding or find an alternative closer to home.

The Training Needs Survey will be available on-line until mid-to-late May 2015.

~Amy Cotterill

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