Association of Independent Museums

Just a quick note to flag the Association of Independent Museums (AIM) Virtual Conference, Roads to Recovery, taking place next week on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 June in case you haven’t already been notified:

It’s free, open to all, and taking place on Zoom. The sessions are all split individually so you can pick and choose and dip in and out – you do need to register for your chosen sessions in advance though.  

The conference is based around recovery from Covid-10 – what the new normal might look like and how museums might need to adapt and change. It includes a session on independent museums and reopening, legal issues and also has a session on personal resilience. When you sign up there’s an option to submit questions in advance for the speakers to address.

Beth Wilkey will be attending some of the sessions and can be contacted at if you have any questions.

With apologies for cross posting.