Art Fund launches new grants to support museums

The Art Fund has launched Respond and Reimagine grants to support organisations during this time of crisis. Full details are here on the Art Fund website.

The overall aim of the grants is to help support organisations deliver projects or activity that will provide a positive change in offering new or improved ways of working during and as part of the longer-term response to the COVID-19 crisis. Grants given will be between £10k-£50k. There is a detailed guidance document which should answer most questions. If you are planning on applying, please contact, detailing how much you plan to apply for and which funding round you plan to apply to. 

You do not have to be an Accredited museum to be eligible to apply, but you will need to demonstrate you usually operate to best practice standards and provide some evidence for this.

There are three funding rounds:

  • Round 1: apply by Monday 6 July 2020, decisions confirmed by 31 July 2020
  • Round 2: apply by Monday 17 August 2020, decisions confirmed by 21 September 2020
  • Round 3: apply by Monday 12 October 2020, decisions confirmed by 9 November 2020

I’d be grateful if you could please let me know if you are applying, and I am happy to look over applications and discuss plans with people individually. You can contact me at