Free organisational health check opportunity

Would you be interested in undertaking a free organisational health check? Is your museum in the Accreditation scheme? If so, this could be an excellent opportunity to help you prioritise areas of development over the next 12 months.

It is a self-assessment, designed as an indicator to help you highlight your museum’s current best practice, understand where the museum has areas of development and to feed into your forward planning. It takes approximately 45 minutes – one hour to complete.

Information about the process, the benefits, and how I can help with it are below. Please let me know if you are interested and I will arrange individual chats with museums to talk through the process, and to set you up with the online survey, which I can do along with you. 

The benefits:

  • Once the check is completed, you receive a tailored report from SHARE Museums East detailing your developmental needs and priorities, so you can address this where possible
  • It provides an indicator for museums on overall organisational health
  • It enables museums to understand the areas they are doing well and also the areas of challenge
  • Funders are really looking for evidence organisations are taking their long-term sustainability seriously at the moment, and an organisational health check like this one is an excellent activity to have completed, and reference in any funding application. It shows you are taking responsibility and initiative to identify your strengths and weaknesses and are committed to taking action to address any areas of development.

Support available

  • It’s not a one-person task, it can be done as a group exercise by a board or management team, or between a group and a facilitator (me!) The latter option is preferable as it allows me to get a better insight into your organisation, and also adds a neutral perspective into the mix.
  • A YouTube webinar on the survey can be viewed here, to help you understand the process:

Please get in touch if you are interested!