Digital Learning Equipment

Digital Learning Resources

Digital Learning Resources

The following equipment can be borrowed by Essex museums from the MDO for use in developing and delivering learning and engagement workshops, events and projects:

  • 12 iPads and a MacBook
  • 2 MaKey MaKeys
  • littleBits Electronics Deluxe Kit
  • Five 9v batteries and recharger
  • Raspberry Pi Starters Kit:
    • Raspberry Pi Model B
    • USB Mains Adaptor
    • 4GB SD card with operating system
    • 4-Port USB Hub
    • USB Keyboard
    • 3 button mouse
    • WiFi USB Nano Dongle
    • USB A to Micro B Cable
    • HDMI A to HDMI A Cable
  • Raspberry Pi Case
  • Book: Raspberry Pi in Easy Steps

For more information, email

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