Creative Uses of Sound in Exhibitions

When: Friday 8 September, 1pm – 4pm

Where: Mercury Theatre, Colchester

Trainer: Pamela Glintenkamp

In this training session, Pamela will give a practical introduction to how you can use audio effectively in your museum. She will look at different types of project that include sound, how to decide what kind of audio suits your goals, how to acquire audio material and low-cost options, an overview of editing and sound design and ways you can include audio in exhibitions.

Pamela is happy to look at project plans and questions in advance of the training, please email these, prior to Thursday 31 August, to me who will forward them on to Pamela.

Please contact me directly if you would like to book this training.

Outline for Training Session:

This training session will cover:

  1. Types of projects, including interior exhibition installations, exterior site-specific installations, content produced in support of exhibitions and podcasts.
  2. Audio only versus video content that makes use of creative sound design – which suits the needs and goals of your project?
  3. Different types of audio and how to decide what suits your goals, including narration, interview content, oral histories, vox pops, sound effects and music.
  4. How to acquire the sound elements you need, including original recordings, archive materials and free/low cost sources for music and sound effects
  5. Editing and sound design
  6. In-exhibition audio delivery, including speakers, smartphones and other devices

Pamela is an award-winning documentary media producer / director / editor.  As a consultant, she is a Project Manager and a specialist in developing and supervising oral history projects. The subjects her projects have explored include fine art conservation, the architecture of Frank Gehry and Frank Lloyd Wright, wildlife conservationVermeer, and the creative filmmaking process of Stanley Kubrick. Her work has been presented at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Gallery of Art and, of course, on the Internet.   Pamela’s background includes academic training in art and design history, practical experience in museum education, and 8 years of experience in the film and television industry in Hollywood. For over a decade she has acted as project manager/director/editor in the creation media for cultural and educational organisations.  Her clients include: the National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Academy of Arts, the National Gallery of Art, the Lucasfilm Archive,  the Terra Foundation for American Art, Anish Kapoor’s ArcelorMittal Orbit in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the Stanley Kubrick Archive / University of the Arts, London,  and the J. Paul Getty Museum.  She has also produced videos on behalf of Save Elephant Foundation and The Institute of Zoology.

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